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About Sussex Web Hero

The Internet could be a Better Place!

The seven words that guide and shape Sussex Web Hero

The internet has the potential to be one of humanities greatest achievements, where people can come together to share knowledge and make their everyday lives that little bit easier.

This core belief is what drives Sussex Web Hero into action; our mission is to help create an internet that benefits everyone, from consumer to business, from corporate giant to grassroots charity, from us to you.

Through using the latest in web technology and a true passion for the web, Sussex Web Hero aims to provide its clients with the tools and know how to reap the benefits of the internet we envisage.

Who We Are

Sussex Web Hero was started in 2013 by Trevor J Edgar, who build his first web site in 1995, determined to turn his true passion for the internet and its myriad possibilities into a truly first class web agency.

Based in the sunny seaside town of Eastbourne, Sussex Web Hero helps clients on a local, regional, national and international level. From initial consultation, through the design & development process and into the post production customer service, the company will strive to earn their self-appointed titles of the Sussex Web Hero.

So if you have a dream project ready for the internet, and nobody else can help you, maybe you can hire the Sussex Web Hero.


Sussex Web Hero is dedicated to helping charitable causes, with every project Sussex Web Hero undertakes a donation is made to a great local cause in the Sussex area.

Our charity page contains details on charitable work and how you can help the Sussex Web Hero help the less fortunate.