Social Media Marketing from Sussex Web Hero
  • The essence of Social Media is knowing your audience and engaging them in something they love.

  • Every 60 Seconds there are 1.8 million new likes on Facebook.

  • Over 44% of social media marketers acquired customers from Twitter in 2012.

  • There are over one billion unique visitors on YouTube every month.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is now everywhere, and integrated into almost all forms of entertainment, and it is here to stay. Activities on social media sites are driving customer outlooks and influencing their buying decisions. Even the big search engines are factoring in Social Media into their algorithms meaning that by opting out of social media you could be hurting your sites performance.

This is when the Sussex Web Hero steps in to help, through consultation and drawing on our expertise we can help identify how social media can benefit you. Building your audience, increasing their awareness and ultimately generating sales to increase your revenue.

Social Media Training

You know your business better than anyone, we know the internet and social media, Social Media training from Sussex Web Hero allows you to take your expertise and put that knowledge in front of the people you want to see it.

Social Media Management

Once we know what content will work for social media we can help you create it, and then manage when, where and how that content is released to Social Media. We will then monitor how the content is received by your target audience and use that data to evolve your Social Media presence, building on what works and adapting that which doesn't.

Sussex Web Hero can also help you create run and monitor paid advertising campaigns on Social Media sites, building your community and strengthening your business.